So lately I have been juggling so many things with a 2 week course with homework for my biz, my full time job, and getting my Young Living oils biz going while trying to train for each of these too! I was feeling like a F$CKING ROCKSTAR on Tuesday by Wednesday I was A #ROCKSTAR Thursday a #SUPERSTAR but today…I learned that I dropped the ball. My son had to sit out of recess because I didn’t sign his notebook. Even though he told me he was not as good as he should have been the day before, he got in trouble, but I didn’t sign his folder. So when that happens the teacher thinks he didn’t tell us, which I totally get. So today, I’m dusting myself off after learning that and feeling #HUMAN. Working moms are not going to have it all together, some days we win and some days we just have to say oh well and keep it going. The work you are being called to do is IMPORTANT. You will have to go through trials and learning better ways to do things and delegating to grow bigger and better! I saw a saying yesterday and boy did it inspire some momentum because I absolutely found some encouragement and it was “HUSTLE UNTIL YOUR HATERS ASK IF YOU’RE HIRING” Isn’t that powerful? The key word there is hustle though, there is NO SUCH THING as a get rich quick scheme. When you see “overnight successes” you dont see the hustle in the background, the long hard nights, the extra classes they took, the years it took them to make it. So I want to leave you with this: don’t let the naysayers, haters, and those with a scarcity mindset  get you down because your gift, your light, your calling, your purpose matters to someone out there and it is your responsibility to say NO to fear and keep going anyway!

3 thoughts on “DROPPING THE BALL..HARD..

  1. I Love This Post! Keep in mind that we are humans and as such will not be perfect so when a mistake is made forgive yourself quickly just as you do others. All we can do is correct the mistakes we can and apologize for the ones we can’t and move forward. Move Forward being the key!


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