My REAL Story

This is quite possibly the hardest thing I will ever write. It brings up alot of emotions and things I have not thought about in a while. I just want to let everyone know where I came from, to see how far I have come and why I believe every word of what I am … More My REAL Story

NingXia Red

I thought this was CRAZY at first! I had no idea what NingXia Red was and my first review I would have said it tasted weird to me. I then saw how you can add oils to it to make it have different tastes. So I tried it again and added a vitality essential oil … More NingXia Red

DIY Lip Balm

During the winter months, my skin, hair, and face needs so much love because they become so dry! I have tried every lip balm, stick, and oil out there. I am really picky about the consistency, flavor, taste and texture of what goes on my lips. This is by far my most favorite lip balm … More DIY Lip Balm